Design is intelligence made visible
Every great design begins with an even better story.
Co-design isn’t just about UI or even UX design. It may involve these specialties but if you don’t know who the U (user) it’s going to be even harder to determine their expected X (experience). Out co-design process can, if necessary, start well before experiences and interfaces are discussed. It’s important to define your customer segment and the problem you’re addressing. We’ve run quite a few projects where we found the customer is not who we thought and the problem we’re trying to solve with our solution was not the most important.

Subject Matter Experts and smart technology are important components of building a new service or product. However, engaging customers (user, patient, etc) early through prototyping, workshops or qualitative interviews is vital when a project contains many assumptions. These assumption, typically in higher numbers and broader for innovative projects, are the risks that can destroy a project.

All projects need a balanced combination of SME, technology and customer.

We can manage the co-design process end to end, or support you leading these important and early first steps for your project.
Software Development
Creating software in todays environment is becoming less about technical skills and more about mindset and teamwork. We pride ourselves on our honesty & integrity and we know it is also a vital attribute when working with people with diverse skillsets.

Diversity generates creativity however there still needs to be a degree of management to ensure we're all heading in the same direction. We utilise the current best-practise project management methods to ensure we balance flexibility and expectations.
Product Design
We provide early stage product design for your brand new business ideas or extended features on a product or service you already deliver.

New developments are always a risk. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward but the bigger the risk. Our approach ensures the biggest risks are mitigated early while the project spend is still low. This builds confidence in the project and allows minor pivots as new ideas are discovered.
“Simplifying safety solutions”
Jupl provides a full platform-as-a-service to businesses and service providers focused on protecting people at risk. We were involved in early product design in the aged care segment and platform software development.
“InsightHQ was a move from onsite reporting, to cloud and mobile tools.”
We provided co-design consultation, product management and software development to evolve a legacy product into an innovative and thought leading tool that integrated reporting across multiple physical IoT connected products which were previously seen as isolated. The onsite customer consultations in Australia, New Zealand and US lead to both simple and practical features as well as ideas that hadn't previously been envisaged.
“Automating the Innovation Process”
We created the iPad app LeanAble to solve the paper chase we often find ourselves in when running lean startup experiments. Stickies go everywhere or at best end up as photos.

Creating a lean canvas looks great the first time but with all the expected changes we end up loosing control or don't do the best job of learning from past experiences (because we often loose them).
So LeanAble provides a tool to visualise, capture, record, version control the Lean Canvas. You can prioritise your assumptions ready for the next experiment.

An experiment can be designed, discussed, and produce interview notes ready for the post problem identification or demonstration interviews.

Finally, the results of the experiment directly updates your assumptions so you can get that buzz when you see you're making progress and your canvas starts to get a bit of color.
“LogBook has been ranked the #1 business app in Australia, South Africa. ”
The goal of Log-Book is to create entering car mileage as simple and quick as possible but still be compliant with the tax departments’ requirements. Once you have used Log Book a few times you will be able to enter a new trip in THREE taps (and that's including the tap to save it).
“Innovation Management”
As part of the St John Innovation Team we helped lead, run and facilitate numerous new services for their Telecare team for medical alarms, lone worker services and social care networking.
St John
“Professional R&D, prototyping and Customer Development”
Partnering with the R&D team we developed multiple new products that resulted in new discoveries in product strategy, improved product options and fully released products.
Sid Hsu
Sid is a man of mystery and as such has many hidden and possibly illegal talents. He enjoys his own company which is another way of saying people annoy him easily.
Tim Barnaby
Tim's first love is the ocean although his wife hasn't read this page yet. He enjoys creating better ways of doing things to improve everyones life and wellbeing. This is frustrating when you're using the tool he wants to improve but his heart is in the right place. Check out Tim's professional credentials at his linked in page:
Our Values
What is important to us?

It very well may be the age we're at and while we don't particular want to share that I think it's safe to say we have a few miles on the clock. While the engine could probably do with an upgrade we could probably still hold our own against some of these newer electronic types. Anyway, given our experience our outlook on life is nicely balanced. I'm not talking about work-life balance, that's a well worn cliché. I'm talking about mind, body and spirit. Here's a list of some of the things we think are important.

Honesty with others but especially yourself. An honest life is a free life.

Healthy body, healthy mind. An old one but now more true than ever.

Friends, family & relationships. No one is an island and ultimately all we truely have is the people around us.

Everyone is inherently good, that includes you.

Be at peace with peace.